About Alternat+ves

Dave and Tina - Who we are.

We live in the UK and both currently have full-time jobs. Dave is an engineer and Tina has had various jobs in the health and education sectors. We have both had to overcome many difficulties in our lives, so the arrival of our two amazing boys was a very happy time for us. Our own journey of recovery, from the effects on our family of our eldest lad's dependancy issues, started in 2008. We have attended hundreds of family and friends peer support goups run by Al-anon, UK Smart Recovery and a local charity called Datus. The support their volunteers have given us has helped us get our lives back and find new purpose. Thank you and keep doing what you do guys, you help so many.

Once we were back on our feet, we naturally wanted to give back and started volunteering so that we could help others. We have taken our turn presenting to Al-anon groups and also manned their out-of-hours UK National helpline. We have both completed the UK SMART Recovery training, for both facilitating recovery sessions for those seeking recovery from addiction, as well as the additional training for facilitating their family and friends support groups. Dave has co-facilitated the Monday night online SMART Family and Friends group, whilst we have both facilitated face-to-face SMART Family and Friends meetings in the West Midlands.

We also attend Narcotics Anonymous and SMART recovery groups when we are able. Dave worked close to a CGL Recovery Centre and was able to attend three SMART sessions per week in his lunch hours in order to gain an understanding of the difficulties faced by people in recovery. One of the three groups was run by a Datus employee explaining the family side of addiction to those in recovery, which was really beneficial to everybody. This gave Dave the confidence to facilitate the groups when needed.

We learned so much from so many attending the various groups, which we both appreciate. Our group, Alternat-i-ves integrates the wealth of knowledge we have gained. We are always humbled by the support of people who attend our groups and the positive comments given to us. We are proud in what we have achieved so far in being able to provide free support by families for families at very little cost to us except our time and commitment. Our greatest aim would be to inspire others to the same.

Our contact details are:

Our email address is: alternatives@gmx.com"

Our phone number is: 07982 815783

During working hours, we would appreciate if you could text us and we will return your call later in the day. Alternatively please email us and will respond as quickly as we can.