Online Meetings Guide

Online meetings are a great way to get support if you don't have a face to face family and friends meeting nearby or are unable to attend one because you work during the day. All meetings are open and free to attend

Our Alternat+ves F and F online meetings

Joining our meeting

You will usually find that the meeting room opens 15 minutes early so that we can help you with any technical issues. Our Alterat+ves meetings run on the the Zoom platform. We aim to encourage the group interaction that we enjoy in our face to face meetings. So if you are able to, download and install the free Zoom app and join the meeting on a laptop or desktop PC. Clicking on the "join by browser" option, without installing the app, will work fine but you lose some extra features.

You can join the meeting and just listen in, or by using a headset with a microphone, you can fully participate as you would in face to face meetings. You don't have to switch on your web cam but many participants do. Body language is an important component of communication in peer support, smiles are contagious!

The chat box is a really useful feature that online meetings have. We use it to share links to modern recovery websites and resources. Participants can ask questions and support each other throughout the meeting. It also alleviates us from the chore of carrying that big box of books and leaflets that we lay out for every face to face meeting. During the meeting we share simple presentation slides illustrating such things as the stages of change, positive communication and motivational interviewing. Short videos may be shared to demonstrate the techniques.

Click on the this link to join our Wednesday Alternat+ves Family and Friends online meeting.

Alternat+ves F and F meeting.

Other F and F online meetings

Joining a SMART F and F meeting

We have been warmly welcomed by SMARTRecovery USA and now facilitate an online afternoon parents group for them. This an open meeting and can be joined every Tuesday evening from the UK.

The Australian, US and UK meetings also run on the Zoom system. By registering on the US and Australian sites, we get access to great resorces and forums. We can also set the US calendar time zone to GMT (always check for daylight saving date differences).

SMART Recovery Australia (Scroll down, keep going, keep going, to the very bottom of their meeting page)
SMART Recovery USA (Family and friends meetings are in pink)
SMART Recovery UK

Joining Recovery Dharma meetings

We found that learning to meditate was so helpful with our own recovery. I was suprised then to learn Recovery Dharma didn't have a family and friends group. Well they do now! They are really supportive people and were enthusiastic for us to start up a F and F meeting.

Their extensive global meeting list is currently a spreadsheet whilst, like us, they develop their website. Selecting your country converts the list to local times and their meetings mostly use Zoom.

Tina and I enjoy the freedom Recovery Dharma offers and find the 8 fold path and CRAFT complement each other really well. We had already chosen wise understanding, speech and action in four point plan before discovering Recovery Dharma. For many, including us, there is also no better way to kick off a support meeting than clearing some mental space with a guided breathing meditation! Hopefully, more Recovery Dharma Family and Friends groups will follow.
Recovery Dharma. No registration required.

Click on the links on the meeting dates page to join the Zoom F and F online meetings.

Meeting dates

Visit Recovery online meetings

Joining our loved ones meetings

We encourage family and friends to attend these groups. You will learn about the challenges faced by people that have overcome their own addictions and are working on their own recovery. Tina and I have always been made very welcome and enjoy visiting open recovery meetings. It gives us the motivation and hope to keep going!

Always be mindful that attending your loved ones meetings may restrict their ability to share openly. We prefer to attend meetings where we know no-one and can maintain confidentiality and impartiality.

See our online meeting calendar page for links to up to date lists of recovery meeings.