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Center for Motivation and Change (CMC)

The 20 minute guide for Parents & Partners

To date, I have not found a better or more concise guide to support families and friends on how to understand and respond, in a helpful positive way, to their loved one's substance use. As soon as anyone contacts us about our group I make sure they get a link to this resource.

For families and friends to take the big step to ask a stranger for help, most have reached the point where they feel unable to manage their lives and wellbeing. Consequently many don't get to their first meeting. That's a leap into the unknown, it certainly was the last thing we tried. Whilst this is disappointing, by sharing this link, we've actually already pointed them in the right direction and done the best we can for them at this stage of their journey.

CMC Family Training Videos

Whilst we are pretty good, as trained volunteers, we don't think you have to be perfect to start up a support group. Our groups today are much better than they were two years ago and in two years' time, we will have learned new tools and weeded out the ones that we have found are less effective. The mistake is to stand still and think you've got it right. How do you learn something new? Listen to experienced professionals sharing their expertise online. For example, when we discuss "behavioural outbursts" in our groups, we are just sharing what we have learned from these guys. Thank you.

CMC Family Blog


UK Adfam

Adfam have been a real help to families across the UK for a number of years. They are equally supportive to professional organisations and small volunteer groups like ours. The majority of the many people we have helped have found out about us from the meeting's section of their website.

Online Support Groups

14 excellent free online support videos

Dual Diagnosis and Families Report pdf

Toolkit for co-occurring conditions (dual diagnosis) pdf


UK SMARTRecovery Online Meetings

USA SMARTRecovery family and friends section

USA SMARTRecovery online meetings calendar

You will need to register with a user name and set a password to access the USA meeting calender, resources and online meetings. This site is well worth joining.

Recovery Dharma

Recovery Dharma

The Recovery Dharma program uses the Buddhist practices of meditation, self-inquiry, wisdom, compassion, and community as tools for recovery and healing. To find out more, their book is available as a free download. Recovery Dharma Book

Allies in Recovery

Allies in Recovery

Free membership available during Covid-19, excellent CRAFT e-learning videos and excercises.

Practical Recovery

Practical Recovery

Great resources and CRAFT based family support.