Help for our loved ones.

If we are hearing "change talk" from our loved ones, it may not last very long.

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Only Mum and Dad know the story behind this picture.

Family members have a huge advantage over the recovery services with their waiting lists, lengthy entry procedures and limited resources. We can get them to an online recovery group in minutes!

We need to understand and learn more about addictive behaviour. Families experience so many emotions- fear, anxiety and even anger, it is important to also find out what it is like for our loved ones and understand how difficult recovery is for them. Taking this approach, using our kindness and compassion, helps us see that behaviours make sense. We can learn empathy for the person contolled by substances and stay connected with the person we love.

The only reason we have been able to do this is because we have been to hundreds of recovery meetings ourselves! You can't get this understanding by reading a book. It is now part of our lived experience. Meeting people in recovery is also a huge boost for families, we get just as isolated as they do and can loose hope that recovery is even possible.

Another advantage families have is our understanding of our loved one's personality and values before substance use disorder became a problem. Recovery is not a one size fits all. Some meetings are huge, some small. Religious and spiritual approaches of meetings can vary. Some use out-dated, stigmatizing language, others are more respectful. Some are evidence-based, others not. The format of the meetings and facilitator's style also vary.

When our loved ones find a meeting that works for them, it makes a huge difference to their recovery. Unfortunately if they feel uncomfortable in their first meeting, they are often permanently put off trying another. The same applies to family support meetings. So even if our loved one not currently contemplating recovery, we recommend family members attend and learn more about recovery in it's various forms, this can make a real difference .

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Joining our loved ones meetings

We encourage family and friends to attend these groups. You will learn about the challenges faced by people that have overcome their own addictions and are working on their own recovery. Tina and I have always been made very welcome and enjoy visiting open recovery meetings. It gives us the motivation and hope to keep going!

Always be mindful that attending your loved ones meetings may restrict their ability to share openly. We prefer to attend meetings where we know no-one and can maintain confidentiality and impartiality.

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Books for our loved ones

Recovery Dharma Handbook

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SMART Recovery Handbook

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USA $11.95 + Shipping.
Australia $39.95 + Shipping.

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Apps for our loved ones

Quit Weed App

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Recovery Websites

Intuitive Recovery

Intuitive Recovery

An accredited abstinence programme that delivers simple and practical tools that you can use anywhere to be free from drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Commissioned in many local authority areas in the UK, where the course will be free. They also have Online Training Options.

Drug Science

Drug Science UK

Drug Science was formed by a committee of scientists with a passionate belief that the pursuit of knowledge should remain free of all political and commercial interest.

Recovery Research Institute

"At the Recovery Research Institute (RRI), we present the evidence about addiction treatment and recovery."

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Recovery Coach Training

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"SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. This is more than an acronym: it is a transformative method of moving from addictive substances and negative behaviors to a life of positive self-regard and willingness to change."

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Recovery Dharma

The Recovery Dharma program uses the Buddhist practices of meditation, self-inquiry, wisdom, compassion, and community as tools for recovery and healing. To find out more, their book is available as a free download.

Recovery Dharma

Recovery Dharma Book

LifeRing Secular Recovery

LifeRing Secular Recovery is an organization of people who share practical experiences and sobriety support. There are as many ways to live free of drugs and alcohol as there are stories of successful sober people.

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