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For families and friends to take the big step to ask a stranger for help, most have reached the point where they feel unable to manage their lives and wellbeing. Consequently many don't get to their first meeting. That's a leap into the unknown, it certainly was the last thing we tried. Whilst this is disappointing, by sharing these links, we've actually already pointed them in the right direction and done the best we can for them at this stage of their journey.

CMC : Foundation for Change (CMCFFC)

The CMC Invitation to Change Approach (ITC)

Although we are trained volunteers, we don't think you have to be perfect to start up a support group. Our groups today are much better than they were two years ago and in two years' time, we will have learned new tools and weeded out the ones that we have found are less effective. The mistake is to stand still and think you've got it right. How do you learn something new? Listen to experienced professionals sharing their expertise online. For example, when we discuss "behavioural outbursts" in our groups, we are just sharing what we have learned from the CMC videos and books.

November 2021 update.
Tina and Dave were invited by the team at the CMC to train to deliver their brand new ITC approach. We still can't believe we were so lucky. We have even competed the training six months before the book is due for release! Everyone at the Centre were lovely to us and it was great to be with 70 other amazing students doing break out exercises. If you volunteer for an organisation that are able to fund this training we highly recommend it. Group Facilitator Training

How do we help Affected Family Members? : Invitation To Change (ITC)
Presenter: Jeff Foote (AFINet conference 2023)
7 minute ITC introduction

CMC Family Blog

Rethinking Rock Bottom

"Dismantling the stigma of substance use disorder - and replacing it with science and kindness - one conversation at a time"

A great new series of podcasts from CMCFFC
(Stay tuned for episode 4 where they invited us to share our story!)

Welcome To Rethinking Rock Bottom

Episode 1
Focusing on Self-Awareness - A Mother's Transformation Alongside Her Son

Episode 2
Ambivalence Is Normal - Approaching Substance Use from the Sibling Perspective with Meg and Stephen

Episode 3
Grief & Self-Compassion with Becky - A Mother's Journey to Reconnecting with Her Daughter

Episode 4
Hitting the Pause Button - Dave and Tina Learn How to Support Their Son Through a Mental Health Crisis

Episode 5
Race and Substance Use - One Harlem-Raised Black Women's Journey from Trauma Victim to Community Advocate

Helping Families Help

Helping Families Help

We're here to help YOU help your addicted loved one!

We help family members do two things:

Introduce you to CRAFT: an evidence-based method for motivating your loved one towards recovery while taking care of yourself in the process.

Connect you with longer-term CRAFT-based resources and supports to continue to learn and practice these skills and perspectives through time.

Online Groups

Family Drug Support Australia

Family Drug Support Australia

This is what a modern face to face support meeting looks like, in twelve short clips.

Family Drug Support videos

Family Support Meetings
Non-religious, open meetings for family members affected by drugs and alcohol. Open to anyone and providing opportunities to talk and listen to others in a non-judgemental, safe environment.

British Columbia Mental Health and Substance Use Services


"BCMHSUS is proud to introduce the new online hub to centralize new & emerging knowledge, best practices, evidence-based learning and informational learning resources for service providers and individuals with lived experience of complex mental health and substance use challenges."

Register for free webinars like Project ECHO and Learning Rounds.



International Society Of Substance Use Professionals.

Regular Membership is for interested, non-professional applicants (can include volunteers, family members, community organisers, or non-accredited members).



Addiction and the Family International Network.

"Family members and others who are affected by addiction have received far less attention than they deserve. Their experiences need to be better publicised and their voices better heard. They have a vital role to play in understanding and responding to addiction and have a right to receive appropriate services themselves."

Membership is free and the benefits include access to all resources and the majority of 5-Step Method resources, reduced fees for AFINet conferences and access to all members to share experiences and ideas.

Practical Recovery

Practical Recovery

Great resources and CRAFT based family support.


UK Adfam

Adfam have been a real help to families across the UK for a number of years. Their website has recently been massively improved! They don't host UK wide online support groups, so we very much appreciate the inclusion of our group on their other support page.

Other Support Services

14 excellent free online support videos

Family and Friends Facebook Groups

Alternat+ves Page

Alternat+ves Open Group

Alternat+ves Private Group

CMC:Foundation for Change Page

Addiction and the Family International Network (AFINet)

Moms for All Paths to Recovery Group (Dads welcome)

Thrive! Family Addiction Support informed by CRAFT and Invitation to Change Group

Parents of Children Struggling with Drugs and Alcohol Group

Mindful Family Recovery

Families United for Change Nonprofit Organization